Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Capsule wardrobe, Minimalist Wardrobe

Not my clothes
Capsule wardrobe: pretty much everyone and their sister is getting in to this new trend. Per Wikipedia: Capsule wardrobe is a term coined by Susie Faux, the owner of a London boutique called "Wardrobe" in the 1970s. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don't go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.
Then there is the popular project 333- where you have 33 items of clothing, including accessories and shoes for a 3 months period. After three months you'll rotate or buy something new for the next season.

I don't have capsule wardrobe, or  follow Project 333. What I now have is a minimalist wardrobe. Well, what I considered to be minimalism anyways. The amount of clothes I own has drastically decreased.  After reading Marie Kondo's "The Life Change Magic of Tidying Up." My mindset has changed. Something clicked and I was finally able to let go of things I haven't worn or care for. My clothes used to take over the entire walk in close with some boxed up in storage. I used to believe that having an abundance of clothes will give me a great amount paring. What it really gave me was decision fatigue. I have a  limited amount of time to get ready in the morning because I love hitting the snooze button. I often end up wearing the same pairings because I know they match. It's true what they say: you only wear 20% of your clothing 80% of the time. 

It really helps that I keep clothes that complements each other. When I make a new purchase I make sure it goes well with at least a few items in my closet.  I now get dress quicker because i have less decisions to make. I really enjoy this benefit because I love to hitting that snooze button. 

I'm not much of an accessories person, some of my jewelry are still in my closet in my parent's house. So I have even less paring to do. And never once in my life had someone told me I need to accessorize. I'm not the most fashionable person but I'm not blind to style neither. 

This new lifestyle to me is a way to live more consciously. I become more selective of what comes into my home. It serves as a reminder to always choose quality over quality.  This year, I vow to not buy any shoes or purse. I've been doing well so far. Although, I'm way overdue for a new pair of sneakers. I've yet to find a pair I love. That will be my only exception. 

I have recently bought some new clothes, due stricter dress codes being enforced at work. Most of my business casual outfits do not meet the new guidelines.

My new goal would be to buy clothes from company or a few that have better working environment for their employees. It's upsetting to see that some big clothing brands are taking advantage of uneducated laborers in third world countries.  By not giving them my business would be a way of saying I don't support your business practices.  This is challenge for me, since I'm a petite gal and need special sizes. I still have a lot of research to do. So as of now, I resort to second hand shopping. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Life as a New Parent: Where Did All The Time Go?

Ever since becoming parents, my husband and I felt like we don't have anytime to do anything. This is what my weekdays look like:

7:00 AM- Alarms goes off
7:20 AM- Done snoozing and finally get up (Baby wakes up 3-4 x for the boob, I'm exhausted)
7:25 AM- In the bathroom getting ready, after making coffee, heating the kettle and put together pump parts (I pump while getting ready).
7:50 AM- Dressed and back to the kitchen, make breakfast, clean pump parts, pack lunch.
8:10 AM- Start heading out to work.
8:50 AM- 5:50pm - WORK!
6:40 PM- Arrived home and leave for mother in law's house to pick up baby with my husband
7:00 PM- Arrived, play with baby and eat dinner before going home.
7:45 PM- Arrived home and play with baby some more.
8:00 PM- Baby wants to snack on the boob.
8:15- 9:00 PM -Play with baby, husband and I will take turns supervising her. I would try to fold some laundry, organize some stuff from the move. Husband will do laundry, wash some dishes. etc. I will try to squeeze in a quick shower. If not, I'll shower after I nurse the baby to sleep. The time to put her to sleep can take 30 mins to an hour, depending on how much she slept during the day.
10:00 - 10:30 PM-Around this time, I'll be out of the shower and on the bed.  I'll spend a little time on the phone for some down time before dozing off.

We've decided that I should skip eating at my mother in laws. My husband would go there, eat, and then take our daughter home and bring me dinner. This way, we save some time and I get to do some chores, like putting away the laundry. Someone ought to invent a laundry folding machine. I'd buy it. This adjustment in our schedule helps to maximize our time a bit. 

Our house is still not situated the way we have envisioned it. Although, my husband finally got our futon put together so we have something to sit on. Yay for the small wins! 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Easy Breakfast Ideas-Green Tea Waffles

As a new mom who doesn't get to spend a lot of time with my baby due to having a full time job; I often feel guilty about spending time doing other stuff instead of holding her and playing with her. Everything I do must be done while she's sleeping or can be accomplished in a short period of time. 

One of the things I enjoy for breakfast is waffles. I usually make these from scratch because it doesn't take much time.But I recently started to appreciate the box mixes; it makes the process even shorter. The ingredients you need are minimal and it's very versatile too. 

If you want green tea waffles, just add green tea powder. If you want chocolate waffles, then just add cocoa powder. Add your powders and mix well before you mix in the wet ingredients. I also like to add a good amount of flaxseed once I scoop the mix onto the waffle maker. Basically, you can jazz it up with what ever you want. 

I dust mine with powder sugar and cocoa powder, drizzle it with a bit of maple syrup and top with fruits. 

P.S. if you want to save money, cooking at home is an excellent way.  A simple waffle like this can cost around $7 dollars. With $7, you can buy all the ingredients you need and make break fast for the next few weeks :) 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life As A New Parent: Rant

I still can't believe some big chain restaurants still don't have baby changing tables. I swear it's like they don't want our business. Or perhaps it's a scheme to get us out of the restaurant quickly for a high turn over. These changing stations (like the one pictured above) can be had for less than $200. I mean, you get your money with just a few customers. Parents with babies deserve to dine out too. Who knows, maybe parents with babies dine out more because they're too tired to cook. Ever thought of that? 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Royal at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Oh, this is long overdue. I took this trip back in Sept 2014. I still fantasize about my time there. It's an adults only beach front resort. It's all inclusive. September is usually a cheaper month to visit. It does rain a lot more but that only happens during the night time while we're dining on wine and steak. I looked up the rates again and the price has double from what I paid for, even during the same time of the year.

The resort: What you see on the travel website is exactly what you get. This place is beautiful.

The Ceiling :)

We hangout at the beach once and spend the rest of the time in the pool with alcohol flowing the whole time :) The beach wasn't all that great, they do have cabana and stuff but we didn't care for

The room: we had the standard room and it was pretty awesome. You can pay a little bit more for the location or the room with a pool (it's pretty awesome). 

Alcohol in your room, that black box is the fridge fill with snacks. All inclusive!
Told them it was our honeymoon :) Everyone gets a bottle of wine in their room. We didn't drink it since alcohol is included, we just bring it home with us. I can't stop being frugal lol. 
Oh, the room service is amazing!

There is turn down service every night.
There is a 24hr game room with a pool and pingpong table. There are decent snacks and desserts to munch on and also a coffee and alcohol self serve bar. 
The food: That's what it's all about! The resort has your everyday buffet, and a few dine in restaurant that requires reservation. Most of the food we had was phenomenal, I mean, there are some misses, but someone else might enjoy it.  When you first check in, you'll get this wrist band, this is your access to everything. 

We dine every night at Maria Marie, it's fine dining. You're guaranteed to comeback a few pounds heavier.

The lobster and steak dinner, this does carry an extra charge, but it wasn't too bad. I forgot the exact amount though, $25 to $30 maybe? 

There  was another restaurant called Asiana, at first, we were skeptical - Asian cuisine in Mexico? We didn't visit the restaurant till a few days in and it was our regret. They had some awesome Thai salad, good drinks and decent sushi rolls. But what we keep going back for was the tempura ice cream. It was the best I've ever had. 

Tempura ice cream, oh so good. 

Our hotel was in the prime location, step out of the lobby and it's 5th Avenue. There are shops and restaurants. Mostly these stuff are marketed toward tourists, pretty pricey in my opinion. They have American stores like Victoria's Secret and Forever21 as well.

Cautions and tips: When you're walking around 5th avenue, there are so many excursion vendors. They always ask your what hotel you're staying in. That is mainly a scheme to charge you. The Royal is pretty high end so of course we get over charged. These excursion are often a scan as well. We were promised a lot of activities. For the one excursion we bought, we were processed activities like 6 zip lines and rock climbing. Well you know what? There was only one zip line and it's the world's shortest one. There was rocking climbing all right, a whole ten feet high. The cenotes (caves) were a disappointment. It was cold and wasn't much to see. Our guide was very knowledgeable and worked really hard so we didn't have to heart to tell him how this excursion was sold to us. We were also promised a buffet with alcohol and all we got was chips and salsa to share with the other people. I lost my appetite after seeing other double dip... gross!
I wouldn't say these excursions are a waste of money, but just always bargain. Always!

If you're an American and have the need to tip, I would suggest bringing dollar bills. The hotel prices  are suppose to include tip to the employees, but if you're feeling generous, then why not, these people work really hard.
Don't forget to pack medication like pain killer, Pepto, Neosporin, bandaids etc. This will give you the convenience when you're not feeling well and peace of mind.
Sun Screen- Seriously, bring sunscreen! It's $30 for the 8oz bottle.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

I Heart Latte

Latte and croissant from my favorite cafe- Urth Caffe in LA
I love lattes. Nothing beats having a nice cup of latte and a flaky croissant in the morning. Something about this combination just makes you want to slow down and and enjoy what in front of you. The best cup of latte I've ever had was at the Ballagio casino in Las Vegas. I can't describe it, it just makes my mouth so happy. If I ever win the lottery, that's probably what I would have every morning. Until then, I will have to settle for the occasional visit to my favorite cafe or make my own.

I don't want to drink away my millions, you know the latte factor coined by David Bach. But I still want my caffeine. My brother also appreciate a good cup of coffee bought this little magic machine. It comes with a milk frother too. Now, we can enjoy our daily cup of latte for fraction of the cost. It isn't cheap though (maybe $250?), but it pays for itself in savings in just a few short months.

the magic machine
This is our Nespresso espresso maker. Each capsule costs about 70 to 80 cents. There are various intensities and flavors you can choose from and even decaffeinated ones. We love the intense flavors in this household. As for the capsules, I order the free prepaid bag to ship them back to their facility for recycling. 

Latte arts I made by accident. The heart and the duck. 

I even made my own version of the affogato- it's just espresso and ice cream haha I don't think it legit, but it sure was good. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Being Conscious Consumer

I've started this year promising to be a more conscious consumer. I'm a deal hunter and when I see a deal that's too good to pass, I buy. And that not only has a negative impact on my wallet but also our environment. The boxes and the packaging it takes to ship the products to my home. The gas it takes for these delivery trucks to get these packages transported; all have a negative effect on our environment. I have so much stuff in my storage that are for "just in case". There are things that have passed their expiration dates that I must throw out... what a waste!

Since I've started the challenge of No Spending Month. I notice some positive changes. Our trash gets fill up slower. My credit card balance has not increased. I learn to make use of what I have. I'm also sorting out my trash to recycle more. 

I'm remembering to bring bags to the grocery stores, and am thinking about getting these mesh bags for grocery. They're reusable, a little pricey, but they might be worth the price if that means one less plastic bag being thrown out. 

UPDATE: I bought these organic Muslin produce bags that comes in three sizes. The tags actually tells you how much the bag weights. Pretty useful  and crucial info. Not sure how that's gonna work at the cash register though. I shall try and see...