Sunday, October 19, 2014

Candy Bouquet

My latest obsession is making candy bouquets. I don't know why I never thought of it before. It's quite fun and easy. Since it's Halloween, there is no shortage of candies, but remember to bring your coupons. The candies were from Target and Ralph's, the other stuff I got from the Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree has a wide variety of candies too.

Here are the items you'll need:
your favorite candies
kabob skewers
transparent tape
a cup/jar/can
gift tissue paper
floral wire
small halloween decorations
floral foam

Start by taping the skewers to the back of your candies.

Cut your floral foam to size, place it in the middle of a gift tissue and insert it into the cup. I start layering these candies from largest to the smallest and from the back to the front.
Once you start moving toward the front, you'll need to start trimming the sticks. I simply snap it off. 
I decided to have to bow in front of the bouquet. I attached a floral wire to a short stick and wrap  the ribbon around to make three loops.

The double sided tape didn't work very well in sticking these toys to the candies. So, I just used the transparent tape to attached these critters to the candies. The tape is not visible from a distance. 
I used the bow as a device to hid the sticks. I used a tumbler for my base, it was $1/4 at the Dollar Tree. 

This one is just another variation. Candy bouquets are so versatile. I used a bigger bow for this one and decided to place it on top. 
These lollipops go on the bottom. I cut out small pieces of tissue paper, poke the lollipop stick through the paper and twist. I secure it with tape. This is what I used to conceal the floral foam. 

These Halloween bouquets weren't my first. I actually made a get well soon bouquet last week for a coworker who was out sick. 

You probably can tell that I like symmetry. Anyways, I hope this give you some ideas on what to do with you favorite candies. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


For the past couple of weeks, I've tried juicing on and off. For a about  week, I was only eating veggies and fruits. I'll try to eat them raw. This all started when I was on Youtube and landed on some raw vegan videos. I would never be able to live the way they do. But their positive attitude makes me want to add more veggies and fruits into my diet. One thing that FullyRaw Kristina said in her video that stuck with me was " your body is the only thing that you own for the rest of your life, why not take care of it." So true! And another funny comment from Freelee the Banana Girl was "why would you want to put a dead animal in your body." She was referring to eating meat. That comment cracked me up.

I tried to buy only organic fruits and veggies, especially the dirty dozen:
Apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, imported peaches, spinach, bell peppers, imported snap peas and potatoes.

Buying organic can get so expensive,  I just can't justify paying $5 for a lb of strawberries. My favorite place so far for organic food is Ralph's. They always have their 99 cent a bunch organic kale. I love kale. The selections aren't that great but the prices are lower than Wholefoods. Ralph's sometimes will have sales and I'll buy more and eat more of that sale item. Another option is obviously Costco. They have a 10 lbs bag of organic carrots for less than $4. I heard that hot house grown veggies have little to none pesticides. If I can't afford the organic version I'll get the hot house grown. Costco has them.

I always use carrot as a base, because it's sweet and it helps to hide unpleasant flavors like celery. The thing about juicing leafy items is that you have to run it through 2-3 times to get all the juices out. I feel like it's a waste if I still see pieces of leaves. I basically rerun the pulps at least 2x through the juicer. I usually will have all these things juiced together: carrots, apples, beets, kale, celery and ginger. These items are cheapest when buying organic. Well, the ginger is not organic and I only use a little bit of it.

I used a super old Juice Man juicer. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Couponing at Target

I got all of these stuff for $13.50, total was around $37.
Here is the breakdown:
Suave: 3 shampoos and 3 conditioner, on sale for 3/$8. 
-I used the $5/$15 hair care coupons from Target (exp 10/5/14)
-2 $1.5/1 manufacturer's coupon 09/28 Red Plum, 2 $1/1 manufacturer's coupons. On these manufacturers coupons, it states no more than two identical coupons can be used on a single transaction, but because the value are different on the coupons, all my coupons scanned.
-1 $1/2 target coupon, I'm a little peeved that Target limits one target coupon per guest or transaction now.
Total before tax:$16, after coupons, $5, or .83 cents each. 

Enfamil Prenatal vitamins. This was a Catalina coupon that printed on my last shopping trip. It was a high value one for $10 off. The vitamins were 12.99, so I only paid $2.99.

Nestle cookies. I've been eyeing these cookies for a while, they're pumpkin spiced cookies. I had a $.55 coupon so I bough it. It was $1.75, after coupon, it's $1.20. Everyone loved them with ice cream.

Lastly, the Orowheat bread. I didn't have a coupon but Target's Cartwheel app has 30% off.
They were $3.39, after 30% off, it's $2.37.

I used my Target Red Card and received 5% off of the total.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hawaii Part 2

The best part about traveling is the food. There is so much to taste.

Acai is popular here. Acai smoothies and Acai bowl are always on the menu of their many cafés. I tried the Acai bowl at Bogarts. It was a really big bowl for $10, definitely made for sharing.

This is the Hawaiian pancake(if I remember the name correctly) is amazing.  The white sauce is actually make with coconut, they call it haupia.
Their coffee concoctions come in fun cups like this. 

Anyone who's visited Waikiki will tell you to go to Leonard's Bakery. 
There malasadas are heavenly. Some people compare these to beignets. But, to me, the malasadas are 10x better. 
I love coffee and must fuel my addiction even when I'm in Hawaii. But do you see the prices?  Yup. Everything is a little more expensive. 

Here is another example of price hikes. It might be blurry here but the price says $9.99. For just one pizza! A frozen one at that. I usually get these for $3.5 when I use coupons. 

That's it for now....   I'll upload part 3 in a bit.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

how to cut watermelon

This is just a quick post on how to cut watermelons. It might be a bit late now that summer is coming to an end, but I guess, better late than never. I've always cut my watermelon into cube pieces and serve it in a bowl. Most people just cut them into triangle slices or half moons. I find this to be very messy, especially when it's cut into half moon. The surounding melon wets your cheek and juice drips onto your hands and floor.

Here is how I cut my watermelon for parties. It does take a little more time, but the presentation is worth it.  They look like Christmas trees, and they're red and green. Hey, maybe you can serve it for your Christmas parties. Hopefully they won't be too expensive since it won't be in season at that time.

Enjoy the rest of your summer...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Las Vegas- My frugal tips

I love Las Vegas! Even if you don't gamble there is more than enough for you to do. The amazing restaurants, the shows and the strip. It's only a few hours drive for me and I love going there as a weekend getaway.
Before I continue, I need to make a disclaimer that I'm not sponsored by Vegas Slots. I'm not promoting gambling. I personally hardly gamble when I'm in Vegas. Gambling can be addictive and if you have a history of easily getting addicted to things, you should not play this game or download this app. I just want to share my experience on how I used this app to save money.

I've been playing Vegas Slots for a long time now, This app, I believe is designed to entice people into coming to Vegas. Basically, you play the slot games with the daily free chips it give you. Once you have enough gold coins, you can claim the "rewards" from affiliated casinos/restaurants. You will need the have the M card to claim your reward. The App will constantly promote "sales" of the chips, but I would never buy it. The whole point of being frugal is to gets for free or cheap right? You can also play on Facebook to earn more gold coins.

I call this trip the Vegas Slot trip.
Hotel: Circus Circus-Paid $14.5 resort fee- weekend room rate is free ( $87), after you purchase this reward you will have to call to see if the date you want is available, if not, you can ask the representative to return your coins.
When ever I go to a hotel that's not higher end, I bring my own sheets, that's just me.

My Lucky's gamblers plate (Hard Rock Casino)
This dish is $9.99 without the casino card, and $7.77 if you have one. It's not on the menu, you have to ask for it. They have daily specials too. Being in Vegas, you do get a lot of bang for your buck here.
Took a pic midway.

At Monte Carlo, I bought two rewards for bogo ice cream and latte. You will have to go to the service desk so they can add the rewards to your card. It's a bit of a hassle, but it's worth it.

At New York, New York, I also bought the bogo Starbucks coffee. I love this one the most, because they actually gave me a $10 voucher instead. So I get anything I want for $10.

I've claimed many deals before. Unfortunately, most of them can only be claimed once.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Birthday Dinner Ideas

Oh, time passes by so fast, our good friends are turning the big 30. We always celebrated B and K's birthday together because they're just a week apart.
I don't think anyone is better than grilling a steak than my husband haha. We had a nice back yard dinner on our new picnic table from Target.
Fresh and Easy has been running a sale on pineapples; 98cents for one! It's the best deal I've ever seen, in any store. So of course I have to buy 12 lol. They are great in smoothies and of course for grilling.

 I made a tiramisu cake using a spring form pan. They loved it.

Stella Rosa is a favorite choice of everyone I know. Saw this in the wine section at Costco, this is perfect for them.